Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Beautiful girl!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl Mazie! 4 years old today...thank you for lighting up my life and making me laugh every day with your crazy fun filled antics...

note to self: next time remember to check cupcake stand to ensure all 3 legs are firmly in place before loading with 24 pretty cupcakes for birthday party that have been up icing late the night before, to avoid having them tumbling onto the floor when stand inevitably collapses...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The front door of my dreams

Finally, a small window of time to peruse my favourite has been so long and I am sooo behind- too many pretty pictures and eye candy to waste time smiling at! For instance this pink fairy door.  If I can't have a real life version of the door of my dreams maybe this adorable fairy door will suffice?
A black one for me and a pink one for the girls room I think.
I saw this over at the lovely My Life My Loves and was instantly enamored. Here you can design your own fairy door, choose door & trim colour as well as door style.
Simply adorable wouldn't you agree?

image 1 via My Life My Loves
image 2 via monkeytail and wellington