Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gifts for S from {Bits & Bubs}

I made this card from a picture out of a vintage nursery rhyme book I found at lifeline for 50c and some offcuts of scrap booking paper. Love the card on its own but now I wish I used a different colour backing as the red doesn't really go with the colour scheme of the gifts...

Gifts for bubby S from my {Bits & Bubs} collection.
Cloth shoes, yoyo broach, sun bonnet and burp cloths.

Cloth shoes made from quilting fabric and vintage chenille with matching yoyo broach.

The 2 1/2 year old bonnet, finally going to a new home!

I thought I would post some pics of some little gifts for my new bubby niece, S.
I have so much {Bits & Bubs} stuff that I have made and accumulated over the last year or 2 so it comes in handy whenever a new baby or toddlers birthday comes up. I always leave buying a gift until the last minute so I just end up grabbing something out of my box of goodies.
Besides the card, these are all items I have made to sell at my phantom market stall or on (by God, even if I am 95 I will get this damn market stall done one day!).
My problem is that I cannot decide on just a couple of items to focus on so I make 1 or 2 of 100 different things and end up in an absolute tiz as I cant decide what exactly to do, fabric, trim and accessories to use etc.
I actually made a few of these bonnets when my first daughter was 6 months old- and she is now nearly 3! And yes it has been sitting in the box of goodies since then.
How sad...

Anyhoo, I digress, I hope little S and her mummy loves her gifts!

note to self: learn how to take nice photos, these are appalling pics!

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