Thursday, September 10, 2009

Discovered- The joy of coffee!

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For all of my adult life I have been hearing of the joy of coffee- but i just didn't get it. I hated the smell- especially the smell on a persons breath, the taste and any coffee flavoured food or dessert- mocha included.
I always wanted to say "lets do coffee".
"Lets meet for tea" just doesn't have the same ring to it. Coffee seems so grown up and I wondered if I was destined to never know the joy of a good coffee and the caffeine hit and addiction to follow.
Well folks, I am pleased to say that that time has finally come!
During our busy moving period I had a cappuccino to try to boost my energy- "just ignore the taste and drink it!" my sister would say- "you'll get used to it!" a few sugar laden cappuccino's later and I am hooked. Cappuccinos are my new fave and I wonder how I have never drank them before? AND I still have to sample the world of flavoured coffee- Caramel macchiato's I am told are divine.

Welcome to adulthood!

Now if only I could talk the man of the house into purchasing a cappuccino machine...

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