Friday, December 4, 2009

3 Weeks 'til Christmas

The Christmas menu is planned, non perishables stored, presents bought and artfully wrapped, the tree dressed perfectly, new handmade decorations skillfully hung, family portrait Christmas cards mailed to friends and family and the daily to do list strictly adhered to...

The reality is the tree is only dressed on the top half only as I am sick of replacing and fixing the baubles, ribbons and garlands within Addison's reach- baubles lay scattered under the tree and around the living area- I may manage to collect them all and scoot them under the tree at the end of the day but thats all. I have bought a total of 1 present each for the girls (the lovely Tiny Concept dolls). I have at least bought the resources to make some new Christmas decorations- sadly they are still sitting in the filing cabinent with last years new Decorations that did not get completed. No menu has been planned and no food bought as yet and we are having Christmas Eve, Christmas breakfast and lunch at our house with around 20 guests, no Christmas cards have been sent- I never get around to it and the checklist is a waste of time as it is only causing me to have panic attacks looking at what still hasn't been done.

Please tell me I am not the only one that has all these grand plans that fall to the wayside every year?

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