Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Grainery- Hoarding issues much?

For anyone who worries they have hoarding issues, just take a look at these pics.

Lovely glass decanters, bottles jars...

a small sample of the crazy amount of lampshades...

and just when you think you have seen everything, you look over behind a wall and there is more stuff still in boxes!

chairs, chairs everywhere...hanging from the roof even!

The Grainery is one of my favourite 2nd hand shopping haunts.
I try to go every 2 weeks or so- no matter how many times you go there you will always see something different. Seriously, you could easily spend a whole weekend wandering the many isles, corners, alleyways and hidey holes this gem has to offer. From linens to lightbulbs, every lamp base you could imagine- desk, wall, table, floor, and of course squillions of shades in every size and colour, furniture, stools, tables, cupboards, bric a brac, clothing, a multitude of teapots and tea cups- the list is endless.
I tend to get a little overwhelmed when I go there and don't know where to look first...especially if I go with my sisters and mum as we always want to nab the best stuff before each other finds it.
The elderly owner is an absolute hoot and never fails to make you laugh with his bawdy humour.

I wonder what suprises are in store for me this weekend?

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