Monday, November 2, 2009

Mathilda's Markets Mayhem

I went to Brisbane to check out my first Mathildas Markets on the weekend.
Luckily I got there 45 minutes after opening time as apparently there was a massive lineup to get in.
As it was it was absolute mayhem inside with throngs of women, mothers, prams, babies and children (with perplexed looking fathers standing on the outskirts) all trying to get to the absolutely beautiful stalls full of all kinds of handmade goodies. And of course I simply had to grab a stunning handmade Tiny Concept doll each for the girls for Christmas. I am having a little obsession with them at the moment...I am in love with their exquisite faces and just love their heart shape mouth...It was great to speak to the lovely Tina who creates these too as I love her blog.

As my partner in crime ditched me at the last minute I had the whole day to myself so after the markets I popped in to Ikea (as if you can ever just pop in there), to grab a few things ie black and white striped runner I have been dying to get for our entrance.
Of course I did the usual, walk around in a daze due to the sensory overload, load my bag and trolley full of goodies, promise myself that I will get everything I need this time, take heaps of photos and 3 hours later as I get closer and closer to the registers gradually put items back on random shelves because I can't decide if I really need them and then freak out what the total will be- usually I will leave with nothing or a couple of things that I didn't go there for but I at least came home with the runner, black and white striped fabric, some kitchen canisters and storage boxes for my fabric and trims etc.

After one last  pop in to spotlight and $35 later for some black and white striped bias binding to finish a 3 year old quilting project (hmm sensing a black and white stripe issue here?) I headed home a very weary lass indeed...

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