Friday, March 27, 2009

Fabric Swatch Portraits

I first saw this idea on The Purl Bee around 2 years ago and was hooked! I had intended to do this project straight away but of course had 2 dilemmas.
  1. what fabric to choose
  2. where to display them

They don't sound like hard choices to make, but here I am 2 years later and I have the hoops and I have a plethora of fabric to choose from but of course cannot decide on anything!!! aghh! the one thing I have decided is I am going to put them in my baby girls room on the wall above her cot/change table.

Her room accessories, decor and soft furnishings are pink, red and white but I tend to get too matchy matchy so I wanted to "go crazy" (as crazy as I get), and go with some different colours. I have narrowed down the fabric choices to the below bundle...

Now I just have to chose which 2-3 fabrics to go with...

Love this combo

Mauve pattern, Amy Butler floral (from Midwest Modern collection), turquoise and white small spot

Amy Butler floral & pink honeycomb (from Midwest Modern collection), Turquoise and white small spot- am leaning towards this set...

Fabric swatch tutorial (and other fab crafting, sewing, knitting tutorials, ideas, pics) from The Purl Bee here.

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