Friday, March 20, 2009

When decisions are made...

  • I am pregnant & nesting
  • There is a strict deadline
  • I have had too many red bulls

These are pretty much the only times when I can hardcore make decisions and I go into overdrive.

ie when i was nesting while pregnant with A, my partner used to call our lounge room was a sweat shop due to the amount of sewing I would constantly pump out- and I mean constantly. For example, I couldn't just make 1 quilt, I had to make 3. I couldn't make 1 pair of baby cloth shoes, I had to make 6 in various colour and fabric combos etc etc...

Other than these times I start and stop, start and stop and never seem to complete anything!

Another example is our house, which we bought 31/2 years ago. We gradually did bits and pieces (it is a renovator). But the majority of the decorating was only just completed (and still not all of it mind you) as we decided to sell. Interested buyers visit here .

Out came all the bits and bobs I had been hoarding from thrifting, ebay, markets, shopping, items I had restored etc etc you see I like to collect these things but I can never decide where to put them, what colours to paint them, fabric to use and so on and so they stay packed away in either the top of my wardrobe or study. My sister loves to come to my place and fossick around in my goodies- she even unearths things I totally forgot I had!

So instead of making my home all pretty for myself and family, I have done so that someone else can benefit when they buy our house. (This also happened with our previous house).

Never again i tell you! The next home we buy will be decorated for our enjoyment!

Here are some pics of our home ready to sell...

Master Bedroom

Pillows and bedhead made in 3 hours after debating choice of fabric etc for around 6 months...

Entrance- Clocks and mirror sourced from ebay, chandelier from ikea


Lounge/Dining Room


Unfinished quilt made from Amby butler fabric, cane ottomans -my first roadside find!

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