Sunday, March 22, 2009

"The Holiday" part 2- THE tent

Pics do not do this gorgeous room justice!

I have been scouring the web trying to find some images of the stunning "tent" set up in Jude Law's character's daughters rooms, alas to no avail. In my desperation I pulled out the dvd and took photos while I paused the movie-hence the terrible pics.

As soon as I saw this delicious girls room I knew I wanted to create one similar for my daughters (I only had 1 at the time but was determined to have another- I love little girls and everything pretty & girly that comes with them!). I cannot wait for the time when A is out of her cot and sharing a room with M so we can get started on this little project.

I just adore the various linens, ticking, lace, sumptuous cushions and pillows, lamp light and trails of flowers as well as the layers of sheer, pink and cream fabric draped to form this special place. The lovely handmade glittery stars hanging from the centre really make this an enchanting haven for any little girl (as I am a bit anal it will take some restraint from myself to not take over and make cookie cutter perfect stars myself instead of letting the girls create their own probably slightly less aesthetically pleasing ones).

Another little project to add to the to do list...


stellarosenthal said...

I have always loved this tent. Does anyone have any ideas how to do this at home?

Kelly O. said...

After thinking on it for a moment I think I've got it figured out--I'm just not sure how safe it is :)
But do you remember those old terribly ugly hanging lamps that used to have a cane or crochet covered shade that kind of looked like the hood of a dryer at a salon? well, if you were to hang your tent over one and then use plumbing elbows and tubing to make the squared shape, sew that in and sew gauzy fabric as the "ceiling" where the stars hang down from then you would get your soft ambient lighting. then it's a matter of draping fabric from that upper "square to form your tent down to the floor. Magic!
Good luck, however you do it!

The art of Indecision said...

Hmmm, great idea! Now I just need a new house to move into so I can start creating it!