Tuesday, March 17, 2009

{Bits & Bubs} and the requisite indecision

Finally! I have found a few spare minutes to unnecessarily play with my {Bits & Bubs} shop front on madeit.com.au with the final result looking...surprise surprise...exactly the same as it has for the last 5 months- still sitting sad & empty while my box of goodies to sell is ever expanding.

Part of my problem is that

  • I don't like to part with the items I have made- (side note) I am a massive collector (of anything) - I like to know the items are safely tucked away somewhere where i can pull them out or stack them so I can view all their pretty fabrics and colours and pretty much just sit and smile. It makes me happy!
  • I like to keep them for my daughters, friends children, gifts etc
  • I never get around to taking fabulous photos that do them justice- I am a terrible photographer and after I put them on the computer I see that the clothes need ironing, the model (read daughter/s) was dirty, something in the background was off etc etc. This is because I do not prepare for anything- when I decide to do something I just do it bull at a gate- and it is always a waste of time!

Anyway, back to my madeit shop- I have been meaning to add items on here for so long but always put it off for some reason or another. 2 weeks ago I had added incentive as when I was out shopping for the girls for winter I had a lady asking me what label my eldest daughters outfit was and where could she get it.

Yes, she is a bit of a ruffian...

Due to me being lost in my own world (on a shopping high) and having no real brain comprehension after 3 hours of trying to shop with a 6 month old and "energetic" nearly 3 year old, I thought she was asking me what brand my pram was and after a moment of clarity realised she was referring to the outfit and managed to tell her it is my label and that I sell on madeit.com.au.
My first 3 /feelings were- CHUFFED: she loved my items! everyone loves some praise... DAMN!: wish I had some business cards! Must design some when I go home so have on hand for future instances like these... and CRAP!: I had better add some items to my store, don't want to miss a possible customer! ....and of course I still have not added any items...I did however go home and do up business cards and swing tags in record time- it just all flowed and with hardly any indecisions!

Note to self: I WILL be listing items on my madeit store tonight come hell or high water tonight!


Erin said...

Oh Mazie looks so sweet in the photos. Has hell or highwater came yet? Are the photos on madeit.com yet?

The art of Indecision said...

No I haven't added any items to my madeit or online store yet!!!
Tonight is the night!