Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cluster Art & Photo Walls

image via The Deco Detective

image via Studio 193 Photography

image via Absolutely Beautiful Things

image via MadeByGirl

image via The Wifestyle Files

image via design sponge

image via Domino

image via Absolutely Beautiful Things

image via Endless Possibilities

Since we realised yesterday that the truck is coming to pick up all our worldly possessions next Thursday (OMG) we have started to go into a panic about how little packing we have actually done. With the help of some redbull I got stuck into it yesterday evening and besides coming face to face with how much of a hoarder I am (OK, I really already knew this), I also came across a prime example of just how indecisive I am.
Case in point- my (non existent) photo wall I started 3.5 years ago.

I absolutely love photo/art cluster walls (images above are some of my inpirations) and when we moved into our current house I had grand plans of filling our massive blank walls with lovely displays clustered in various frames in shades of white, cream and gold. I got as far as filling a small number of frames with photos, kept buying about 100 various frames and that's it. I came across these frames this evening- whoa! I have issues. SO many frames, still unopened, in boxes, SO many different sizes etc.
Note to self- never buy a new photo frame EVER again and first decorating job for the new house- photo/art display and dispose of ALL unnecessary frames.


Bohemianwhimsey said...

What a coincidence, I just posted photos on my blog of my "attempt" to make an art cluster wall........... it's fun to see your posts, it makes it all the more inspiring !

The art of Indecision said...

I will have to pop over and check yours out!