Monday, August 3, 2009

Little Tee Pee for Miss L & Miss E

So this Tee Pee I made last week was actually for a girlfriends daughters' for their birthdays (I didn't want to give the surprise away last week as she reads my blog). Hope the girls enjoy it G! (and more importantly, hope you can get it up on your own!)

Making this Tee Pee was not as easy as it first appeared. It was all going suspiciously way to smoothly and then I got to finishing the pockets for the dowel poles - bom bom. I could not for the life of me work out to finish the seams so I could fit the poles through so they would fan out properly, a little readjusting and I managed to finish it as well as could be considering. A simple coordinating drawstring bag to store the Tee Pee and rods finished the gift off nicely.

I need to make another one out of calico so I can fiddle with the measurements until I sort the pattern out just right so I can make some for my girls and nieces.

It turned out pretty cute I think besides the all the technical dramas.
Can't you just imagine little girls having tea parties, reading books and playing dolls in this little hideaway?

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