Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Tuesday and I can't wait...

image by Sycamore Street Press via etsy

...to hang this stunning print in my new house! Hmm, not sure on how I will frame it yet.

My totally swoon worthy letterpress print by Sycamore Street Press via etsy arrived this morning and this got me all sidetracked again, going through my inspiration folder for the entrance in the new house.

Our new entrance hall is quite wide with double doors so I can finally have a nice hall table entrance!

I am thinking I want to find an old not to wide table, desk, cabinet or sideboard to revamp for the entrance. Above that I will either put my long, white mirror, gold ornate mirror or etched mirror? not sure which one yet... it will depend on the length of the hall table I find.

I am also planning on having a mix of prints, pictures, framed fabric, photos etc to one side of the mirror (including my letterpress print and optical test chart print by Poulier & Poulier design-more on their fabulous work another day), a black and white striped hall runner and then lots of little lovelies for the tablescape- fresh flowers, framed photos, books, trinkets etc...can't wait!

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