Wednesday, July 8, 2009

HomeMADE Grandfinal

Of course Jason was the winner on the HomeMADE grand final last night.
Well, it really couldn't be any other way could it? I mean man, that boy can style!

Once again his rooms were beautiful, sleek and sophisticated. My God, he is so talented and I am soo in love with his styling- imagine being so lucky as to have him style your house?

I was actually quite surprised by Darren's rooms- I didn't think I would be into any of his rooms as he is usually super modern, but some I really liked. (I will post some pics of Darren's rooms soon).

I am always so inspired and motivated after watching HomeMADE- especially since I think I have found a new house to buy! (need to have another look to be sure though). Can't wait to start my own HomeMADE- it's time for a restyle I think.

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