Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pretty Party Ideas

Gee how times beautiful little ray of light is nearly 1 year old!

I wasn't going to have a party for her as we are so busy with moving packing etc but how can I miss her first birthday party?

We have decided to keep it quite simple as anything else would be too much of a nightmare at the moment. I am thinking pinks, turquoise and mauve's for her party and am using the Amy Butler fabric as a starting point. I am not sure whether to make a dress, smock or some sort of top with the Amy Butler fabric or a tutu with some sort of appliqued singlet layered over a long sleeve tee?

Of course I will have to make a few home made Martha pom poms (too easy and just Stu-h-ning!), and a simple round white mud cake with thick turquoise frosting and white polka dots to top it off. I will probably stick with the old white chinese cartons tied with ribbon and filled with goodies as party favours unless I can think find another container idea?

Hmm...what do you think? has anyone seen any other effective and not too time consuming party ideas?

image credits- oops, I forgot to save where I got the pics from!
I know picture 7 is from Martha Stewart and 8 is my own...

After reading that post back, it actually is sounding less simple and more like a lot of work...bugger

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