Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its Tuesday and I can't Wait (on a Wednesday)

Giselle, my body inspiration for this summer...delusional much?
images from Australian Harper's Bazaar 2003

...for the warmer weather to roll on so I can shed my layer of winter blubber. And yes, it is entirely winters fault and nothing to do with my self control- its not my fault I have to eat half a packet of chocolate biscuits every night with my cup of tea to keep me cosy inside when it is so cold in our house...

To combat the effects of winter I am going to attempt to do the 12 week challenge come spring (god help me). It involves a lot of exercise, running, sand dunes, swimming and I don't even want to think of everything else. There is a strong possibility I could die. Considering I cant even swim across a pool and I have NEVER ran in my entire life it shall be interesting.

My sister did it last year and insists by the end of the program I will be running with the best of them (0r at the very least running with the worst of them).
I guess I must soldier on if I want to ever wear a bikini again, and after all my efforts if I don't have legs like Giselle I will be very dirty. What are my chances?

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