Thursday, May 14, 2009

Confessions of a Compulsive Fabric Stasher

Heather Bailey's Studio. image here

1. When I walk into a fabric store I get so excited, my heart starts to race, and I can never remember why or what I am there for- even if I have a list. (Now if you are not a fabric stasher or sewer/crafter you will think "OMG, get a life!" but I assure you I am not alone on this!)

2. I buy fabric I never intend to use because it is pretty or I just have to have it

Image via Anna Maria Horner here

3. I like to rearrange and refold my fabric so they are coordinated into categories like colours, prints, floral's, vintage, by designer etc

4. ...and I very rarely put them back in the right spot

image by Jenny B Allsorts here

5. I love to look at my neatly folded fabric stashes- they make me smile

6. I love to look at pics of other peoples fabric stashes and how they organise them

image via Creative Little Daisy here

7. I do not throw out any fabric- I have a massive bag of scraps that is growing and growing- why would I throw them out? There are buttons that can be covered, appliques sewed, yo-yos made...

8. I can not even throw out fabric I no longer even like!

image via Spring Chick here

9. I buy fabric for a purpose but never get around to making it or only half finish it...then buy more fabric for something else I plan making but inevitably never do.

10. I buy fabric because it is pretty... I buy fabric just because...


Kelly O. said...

I TOTALLY understand!
My husband, on the other hand, does not.

The art of Indecision said...

Do they ever!
Definately one area where Men are from Mars, Women from Venus...