Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Problem with Spotlight...

Goodies for Mazie's "superhero" cape- not just a cape, it has to be a "superhero" cape

Cozy flannelet for winter- I am thinking some jammie pants out of these.

Vintage style quilting fabric- loving these colours...

What started out as a 5 minute drop in to Spotlight to pick up some plain pink fabric for a "superhero" cape for my daughter Mazie's 3rd birthday this Thursday, turned into absolute bedlam when of course I got completely sidetracked as usual and went off on a tangent purchasing fabric for god only knows what. The baby was screaming with hunger and tiredness, the toddler was alternating between tantruming, pilfering pieces of ribbon, and riding empty bolts of fabric cardboard rolls like a horse while I frantically tried to balance rolls of ric rak, ribbon, broderie anglaise edging, 3 quilting bundles and 6 bolts of fabric on the back of the pram squeezing down narrow aisles and dodging the disapproving stares of the grandmas, ladies with no children and staff members.

Who can ever go to spotlight and come out with only what you were there for? Not me that's for sure.

Well at least I have some more pretty fabrics for my ever growing "don't know what I'll use it for but I am sure I will use it one day" fabric stash as well as everything I need to whip up a spectacular superhero cape - PS she picked out fluro lime green (ew) and polar fleece with red clouds but I quickly diverted her attention to the pretty candy coloured fabrics- because of course it is I who will be wearing the cape isn't it (he he)?

Now I know I haven't finished the Heather Bailey happy stacker yet, but Mazie's birthday is coming up and she is totally obsessed with superhero capes - a perfect reason to start yet another project! At least this will definitely be finished by Thursday! (fingers crossed)

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