Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Happy little Happy Stacker

Someone looks happy with her Happy Stacker!

I finally finished Addison's Happy Stacker on the weekend- Yeh!!!

It took a while longer than I had anticipated...a lot longer actually...
Hand stitching is not my thing and that sort of turned me off for a while.
Its a little lumpy and bumpy and misshapen but I think it still looks cute and Addison seems to enjoy it.
Who would think stuffing some rings would be such a pain! I thought I could just stuff it in and it would turn out even and perfect like Heather Baileys...hmmm not so.
I even googled how to stuff correctly but I am thinking I just sewed the circles a bit crookedly, oh well.
I also inserted some little jingle bells when stuffing the rings so they have a nice little tingle when shaken- cute!

What do you think?


Kelly O. said...

they look wonderful! When you posted that you were going to make it I was hoping to see the finished result. I've it's kind of tricky and has a lot of hand sewing, but looks like the hard work paid off.

The art of Indecision said...

Thanks Kelly!

It was a bit tricky and I have only ever really hand sewed buttons and the occasional mending not whole seams that have to stay together purely by hand sewing...I am glad I persevered though.

KBraden said...

I love your stacker. I have never seen one like this before is there a pattern? I would love to make my LO one.

amy smart said...

This is so cute! I love it out of the Heather Bailey fabric.

SugarMama said...

Darling stacker!

The art of Indecision said...

Thanks for the lovely comments- I dont think it turned out too bad for my first effort!

KBraden- the pattern is a Heather Bailey Pattern. Just google Heather Bailey Happy Stacker and I am sure you'll find it!

Nikki @ My Black Cardigan said...

Your Happy Stacker looks beautiful. And it doesn't look like Addison cares one bit that it is little lumpy and bumpy and misshapen!