Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Tale of the 30 Year Old Quilt

Once upon a time there was a quilt; to be precise, lots of pretty little squares hoping to one day grow up into a quilt.

Now these little squares were born from their talented mama who cut them lovingly from various fabric she had used over the years to make clothing for herself and her babies. Some were lucky enough to be joined together with their sisters not long after they were born.

Unfortunately, mama was very busy running a household with 4 little children and a family business so the little squares were left huddled together in various cupboards, baskets and boxes. The pretty little squares sat forlorn and lonely for 30 years.

They sat patiently waiting, waiting, waiting for some love and attention from their mama who would one day help them transform into the beautiful quilt they so much wanted to be.

One day, mama was cleaning out her sewing bundles and boxes of fabric and came across the little squares. She gathered them all together and gave them a new home in a little basket on her table where she could see them- she even started ironing some of them.

Maybe one day the little fabric squares will become beautiful, cosy, lovingly made quilts for 2 lucky little girls to enjoy...

Yes, the mama this story is my mum and yes, this is obviously where I get my sewing procrastination from- it's in my genes. I just hope my many unfinished projects do not sit for 30 years! Yes, you heard right, 30 years! Mum started making these quilts for my sister and I when we were toddlers...

We try to steal these gorgeous, now vintage, squares of fabric in various shades of pink, white, florals and spots but she just wont part with them. She is absolutely determined to finish these quilts and maybe this post will give her the push she needs (yes I know, pot calling the kettle black). I just love that every square of fabric is from something she has already made and that this quilt will tell a story.

Well now, I guess I better get off the laptop and hop to it then...

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