Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Renovation 3 Summer Lounge- what can I say? Stunning!

Renovation 3 Summer Lounge

Renovation 3 Master Suite- love the framed prints

Renovation 3 Master Suite

Renovation 6 Lounge

Renovation 6 Master Suite

Renovation 7 Dining

Renovation 7 Dining- Love the chairs!

Renovation 7 Guest Room

Renovation 7 Master Suite

Renovation 7 Lounge- STUNNING basket chandelier and ornate moulding on ceiling

Renovation 7 Lounge

I was watching the second last episodes of Home Made last night and just love Jason Sullivan's designer eye- the "spaces" (seems to be a popular word for the designers/stylists to use instead of "rooms") he designs have been nearly always fabulous- they ooze classic style and sophistication and are always warm and inviting.

The rooms he designed last night were once again gorgeous. I loved the shades of blue and navy that he used- especially the wall paint- looked fabulous with the white trim. I have always loved blue and white. Loved the dining chairs, loved the styling details loved his rooms!

I am thinking this is really my style at the moment- a bit grown up?, timeless and not too modern- I have never been into full on modern design.
I have been in no mans land trying to work out exactly what my style is (no surprises that I to and fro constantly) and how I want to style our new house (when we find and buy it- minor detail!).

Can't wait to see the house Jason designs next week in the grand final. I am sure it will be stunning as ever- especially since he gets to design the whole house- lucky home owners!

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