Friday, June 12, 2009

Toothache Anyone? Amy Atlas Dessert Tables

I just love this vintage style candy shop dessert table- the large glass jars, the blue and white stripes, the colours...

so pretty...

Love these glass jars!

This pretty red & pink table is from a little girls birthday party- hypo children anyone? I would hate to be around when the sugar slump hit!

A very bright wedding dessert table.

This was designed for The Wedding Library in New York- love the colour palette!

Pretty paper covered chocolates

This elegant all white dessert table is from a bridal shower brunch party

Wow, I seriously get a toothache just looking at these stunning dessert tables by Amy Atlas. And knowing my lack of restraint when it comes to sugar I would certainly be a poster child for gluttony if I were anywhere near those tables! But they are just too fabulous!

Hmm, some ideas for Addison's 1st birthday party are forming...

Amy Atlas also has a blog you can check out here

all images via Amy Atlas Events

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Kelly O. said...

I'm a wedding planner and had never come across Amy Atlas work until I was out of the business. We had done up some nice "sweet" tables but hers are incredible!