Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lovely Loot...

Well now, here is my collection of fantastic, fabulous, totally swoon worthy vintage loot from the Old and Gold Festival in Brunswick Heads on Saturday. (please note they have yet to be cleaned up!)

My favorite thing by far, that I am totally and utterly in love with, is the black and white art deco? striped vase/vessel? (not sure what it is technically).

It was the first thing I saw at our first stop and I ummed and ahhed about it, went back 3 times to look at it to see if it was as fabulous as I remembered and on the 4th time decided if it was still there I would grab it- and alas it was and now its all mine! The store owners near shed a tear when I took it up to the counter.

The vintage coral and gold clock- stunning! love it!

I also nabbed a small cream vintage clock that has the loveliest chimes when the alarm goes off. (I have a thing for vintage clocks- I will save that for another day though) and a coral vintage Avon canister.

The white distressed wooden lamp bases were an absolute bargain for $10. Not sure where I will put them yet but I couldn't pass them by. I am thinking I will team them with large round linen shades?

I was too late deciding on the peach glomesh bag and 70's bracelet which my sister grabbed instead-you snooze you lose!!

Of course, they are now up in the top of my closet along with my vintage etched mirror collection and various other things I have collected because I love them and can't pass them up, but then cannot decide what to do with them or where to put them- it gives me peace of mind however to know that they are there and I have them for when needed (hmm, issues much?). My excuse at the moment is I am moving so I will bring them out in a florrish when we move in to our new house!

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