Monday, June 1, 2009

Make Me Smile Monday

Ooh, I just love black- black and white especially.
So here are some pretty Black pics to make me smile on a Monday...

Love the vintage car, love the vintage cases, love the tulle skirt- LOVE!
image via Brown Button

A candle in a tea cup- too cute!
image via The Wifestyle Files

I have a slight obsession with black & white stripes- especially black & white striped awnings...
image via blackwhiteyellow

Loving this font...
image via seblester

glass jar filled with sweets and ties with a simple velvet bow- simple and elegant.
image via The French Factory

I have always sworn to myself I will eventually have a kitchen with a black & white checkered floor, I know they are not every ones cup of tea but I simply ADORE them!
image via Brown Button

Ooh La La!
image via Captivate Me


Wren said...

My farmhouse had a black and white checked floor. It ran from the kitchen, through the hallway, and on into the bathroom.

Unfortunately, our floor had some strange finish or texture, and it was impossible to clean. The crevices (farmhouse floors should not have texture or crevices, just in case you might someday need to know that) gathered darkness, which wasn't really dirt, but just...well, I don't know. Mopping did no good, and once a week I spent the afternoon on the floors with a toothbrush to clean the floor. That particular pattern was discontinued not long afterwards--wonder why?

It's still the best looking floor I've ever had!

Deb said...

Lovely pics! Loved the teacup candle and the marshmallow filled jar.

Fran said...

what a fantastic selection of b & w prints. I LOVE black and white check floors too and would love to paint my floorboards...oneday

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

we had a black & white checkered floor in our kitchen and dining area when I was a kid. It made for the best hopscotch games! Some times all I could touch were the black ones and other days it was white. Oh, memories!

Amanda said...

Love love the tulle skirt too ;-)

Christine said...

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glam.spoon said...

big fan of black and white... but bigger fan of black dresses and fancy white cars!