Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I heart books

LOVE this image! the gorgeous bookmarks, the vintage books, the colours...lovely... image via

An absolutely beautiful table scape with vintage books, glass jar filled with pretty vintage cotton reels and a simple jar of roses... image via wonderland

A Lovely neutral display- the uncovered lampshades look great don't they? image via the style files

Books haphazardly stacked to fill in an unused fireplace ...image via Patricia Gray

What pretty little book spines. Don't they look lovely all lined up in a row? image via sabino

A cozy library... image via weheartit

I have loved books all my life- reading them and re-reading them, the smell of old books, losing yourself in another place and time... I love them also on a visual/decor basis- on bookshelves with all the pretty spines lined up in a row, the covers (yes I am guilty of buying books based purely on their cover) and as decor items.

I especially love collections of vintage books in various displays...lovely


Mrs.P said...

Hey Brooke...I am exactly the same!!! I have even gone so far as to tell my husband that i am no longer a 'book lover', I'm a book 'collector', as a way of justifying my incessant need to buy books! Like you I will buy a book purely based on it's cover or binding! You should check out a great book called Decorating with Books from House Beautiful (here's the link so you can see a cover image and blurb -;jsessionid=69249CA17AE924E173C4E31E8524FEBA.bobcatp2?quicksearch=1&wcp=1&searchData=9781588164933&searchType=keywords&cntType=...if you want one let me know, they are $40 aust but I get half price!) it has great ideas for displaying books and making them more than a bunch of things sitting a bookcase! I also love the smell of books, particualarly brand new hot off the press and also vintage books. Ahhh bliss!
Thanks for commenting on my blog too by the way, I too find it hard to pick between Morelli and Ranger, it depends on the kind of mood I'm in when reading!

Kelly O. said...

loving this post!